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SCOJFS is dedicated to providing support and resources to relative and other kinship caregivers in Hocking, Vinton, & Ross County. Through our enhanced kinship navigator, Barbara Craig-Lambert, we provide information and referral, case management, and development of additional resources for kinship caregivers in our communities. Information for available resources such as child care, educational services, legal services, medical programs, mental health services, respite services, disability services, support groups, and transportation is provided.


The Kinship Permanency Incentive program is designed to promote a permanent commitment by the kinship caregiver by becoming a guardian or custodian over a minor child who would otherwise be unsafe or at risk of harm if the child remained in their own home.


The Kinship Permanency Incentive program provides time-limited incentive payments to families caring for the kin.


Eligibility requirements for the KPI program include:

  • Court must have awarded “legal custody” or guardianship of the child on or after 7/1/05 to the kinship caregiver. Any temporary court orders do not apply.

  • The gross income of the caregiver’s family may not exceed 300 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

  • Family must have obtained an approved home study.

Eligible families will receive an initial payment of $525 per child and $300 per child every six months for a maximum of six payments.


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                South Central Ohio Job & Family Services

                Barbara Craig-Lambert

                150 E. 2nd Street

                Chillicothe, OH 45601



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